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The ICO market is growing in 2018. When a relatively unknown funding method, the entire quantity of ICOs within the first month of 2018 surpasses the entire quantity of funds elevated in 2016.

How do ICOs work?

Projects launch an ICO by issuing crypto tokens around the blockchain, giving early investors the chance to get tokens in return for cryptocurrency. ICOs are often restricted to time or perhaps a cap on the quantity of funds elevated. The worth and quantity of tokens released could be static or calculated in line with the quantity of funds elevated.

The Issue with Investing in ICOs

Not every ICO is honest, oftentimes start-ups have launched their ICO with no well considered plan and powerful team behind the work, simply offering a remarkable website having a vague whitepaper. Actually, many crypto token projects have unsuccessful to provide their offers to investors. One well-known illustration of this is actually the DAO, which elevated $150 million in ICO, the biggest ever, later losing a lot of the fund because of hacking. Solution

As pointed out above some risk is involved when selecting an ICO to purchase. has the objective of guiding you thru the ICO market, offering non-biased ratings and reviews of projects. These reviews derive from what we believe may be the core of the effective project including elements for example:

  • Real teams
  • detailed whitepaper
  • quality of website along with other online marketing strategy
  • transparency
  • admins who understand and explain the work
  • backing in the crypto community.

XCAT Coin – an Excellent ICO

One project that’s been lately reviewed is XCAT Coin. Produced by a skilled group of accomplished management and advisors with backgrounds with exchange arbitrage, blockchain, and buying and selling space. Using blockchain technology they have created a tradable cryptocurrency asset, a safe and secure storing medium for fiat, cryptocurrency along with other tokenized assets aquired through exchange rate arbitrage. They also intend to transform peer to see buying and selling having a platform for everyone individuals and institutions. A distinctive aspect for this project may be the liquidity pool, supplying a multiple transparent revenue stream for example margin financing and transactional proceeds. To have fun playing the liquidity pool trade tokens is going to be used, the tokens may also be used around the exchange. effectively recognized the potential for XCAT, the work has moved on to create partnerships with HitBTC, the well known Bitcoin college the “University of Nicosia”, and also the effective ICO in the first 1 / 2 of 2018, using the identity verification software based on the blockchain, backed by “Civic”. It has performed an important role in the prosperity of XCAT crowdfunding that has presently elevated over $750,000 USD

The organization has additionally lately announced cooperation with Bancor, which its Trade Token (TIO) is going to be on the OKEx exchange.

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