XCat Coin ICO Pre-Sale Now Live

XCat Coin ICO Pre-Sale is now live! The XCAT Platform is an exchange arbitrage driven platform, focusing on seeking profit from price differences between crypto-exchanges. Our mission is to solve the inefficiencies that have historically existed in the crypto-market and to bridge the gap for early adopters. With all the buzz surrounding XCAT Coin and the advisors on board this is not a train you w...[Read More]

Promising 2018 ICO Opportunities

The ICO market is growing in 2018. When a relatively unknown funding method, the entire quantity of ICOs within the first month of 2018 surpasses the entire quantity of funds elevated in 2016. How do ICOs work? Projects launch an ICO by issuing crypto tokens around the blockchain, giving early investors the chance to get tokens in return for cryptocurrency. ICOs are often restricted to time or per...[Read More]

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