XCAT Coin Gains 40% Exchange Premium

XCAT coin (Twitter @XCATCoin)  was featured in the mainstream media as one of the most lucrative arbitrage tokens to be made available on the blockchain. By leveraging the volatile exchange differentials on numerous overseas cryptocurrency exchanges such as Coinone, Korbit, and others; XCAT paints a clear picture for their investors as to what they can expect as a return on investment.

XCAT Coin is a platform that seeks to profit from price differences between crypto-exchanges. Their aim is to solve the inefficiencies that have historically existed in the crypto-market. Additionally, both traders and clients will benefit from this platform since there’s elimination of huge transaction cost on the exchanges. The XCAT ICO is scheduled to run between February and April 2018, where the XCAT token will then be listed publicly. *Video Courtesy of CNBC

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Although arbitrage is extremely volatile in nature, XCAT tokens are generated based on exchange differentials as well as a complex set of algorithms that eliminate any risk involved with foreign exchange trading. XCAT Founders have proven themselves to be true blockchain enthusiasts, but aren’t shy when we asked them to outline their primary objectives.

“The primary goal and objective of the XCAT project is to streamline and ultimately flatline the volatility of cryptocurrency market gaps. Ultimately, XCAT will become the go-to token for cross platform traders who want to completely eliminate any risk involved with exchange rate deficits. ”  – Oliver Isaacs, Co-Founder, XCAT

It’s no secret that certain countries have restrictions and limitations to cryptocurrency trading, and as the blockchain continues to evolve, there will only be more and more cases in which XCAT will become the most feasible option for both traders and investors to capitalize on exchange arbitrage.

Capitalize on Arbitrage with XCAT Coin

According to XCAT, they have a strong belief that the benefits of cryptocurrency trading are being enjoyed by a few people who own the exchanges. How will they do this? By receiving quotations from different exchanges, the system automatically calculates the price difference and presents it to the client in percentages. This difference is done every second and the percentage changes constantly. The client can see the price discrepancy presented on a chart in this platform.

The XCAT token is the one to be used by the users on this platform for any calculations. New users will need to acquire the XCAT token to gain access to the platform which will in turn drive the demand up. According to the platform, 30% of the profits will be shared with the token holders every quarter. With a fixed supply of the XCAT tokens, the company claims that there will be a fast rise in their value.

XCAT Coin ICO Overview

  • Token symbol: XCAT
  • Token type: ERC-2O on Ethereum Blockchain
  • Supply: 1,162,790
  • Pre-ICO: 750,000
  • Crowdsale: 387,596
  • Crowdsale period: February 2018 – April 2018
  • Price: Pre-ICO: $.087 = 1 XCAT
  • Minimum purchase order: 200 Tokens

Roadmap For XCAT ICO

  • Early November 2017 – Preparation for the ICO through a vigorous campaign
  • November to December 2017 – Start of the ICO
  • January 2018 – Addition of XCAT tokens to many crypto-currency exchanges
  • February 2018 – Early ICO Sale for investors
  • April 2018 – Addition of automatic trading on different exchanges simultaneously.

Benefits Of XCAT Coin to Investors

  • Access to a fully-fledged trading terminal with up to 40% margins
  • Bonuses for large investors at 10% additional XCAT
  • Quarterly dividends paid using XCAT tokens
  • 30% discount on additional tokens purchased
  • Reduced load and higher speeds on a trader’s PC
  • Terminal works with leading crypto-exchanges
  • Easy to read charts on currency quotations
  • Highly profitable cryptocurrency transactions

XCAT Coin Early ICO Conclusion

In conclusion, the team at XCAT believes that their terminal brings in fresh and unparalleled trading experiences that will benefit many people. Since most exchanges differ in terms of functionality and customer experience it will be interesting to see how well the terminal impacts on cryptocurrency trading. XCAT Coin is currently available for early ICO funding on their website listed below

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